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How many times have you complained, “There aren’t enough hours in the day!”?

Holly Gabrielle White, a vlogger who graduated from University of Cambridge, probably disagrees.

After she began school in August 2016, White started a channel on the video-sharing website YouTube. It records her daily life on campus. Now she has more than 270,000 subscribers to her channel.

In her videos, the 22-year-old gets up at 6:30 am and goes to bed at 10:30 pm every day. In between, she balances studying, cooking, house cleaning and exercising. Sometimes she finds time to meet up with friends and speak to her family online.

A similar case happened to college students in China. Months ago, the official Tsinghua University microblog account showed pictures of students’ plans, study notes and daily schedules. In one of them, an undergraduate tightly arranges his daily life. He usually goes to bed at 1:00 am and gets up at 6:00 am. Although he only takes 10 classes a week, the rest of his day will be fully booked. He starts his day by pre-reading his textbooks at 6:40 am, and ends with a summary of his studies. When he feels like it is hard to stick to his schedule, he writes encouragements to himself, like, “You’re the best”, and “Go for it”.

Both students’ hard work has certainly paid off. White was at the top of her 152 other classmates; and the Chinese undergraduate won a first-class scholarship four years in a row.

The two have something in common. They have regular schedules and get up early to study. They squeeze as much into the schedule as they can. More importantly, they learn a way of managing time well and efficiently.

Some may wonder how they can avoid exhaustion, stress and burnout.

White’s video Time Management & Organization Tips All Students Should Know may provide an answer. She advises to write our tasks in a set order on a to-do list. We should also know how to avoid and release stress because, “Mental health is as important as our physical health.” To White, dancing is something she takes as a reward after completing everything on the list. Then enough sleep to rest her body and get ready to do a good job the next day.

Indeed, things must be carefully planned before we act, then “twice as much can be accomplished with half the effort”, as the old Chinese saying goes.

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